Our Designs Request a Swatch

Collection Dowry

Our Designs Request a Swatch

Collection Dowry


Dowry Pillow $338.00

  • Part of The Met x Ann Gish collection
  • Inspired by a cup from Ancient Egypt given to the Pharoah as part of a dowry, hence its name in our line, Dowry. With this cup, two things immediately stood out - the color palette and the ogee shape of the cup itself. To highlight those two parts of the design, we began with a freehand ogee layout, then filled in the background with that gorgeous terra cotta color, as well as contrasting and complementary tones. The result is a stunning embroidered design, rich in both history and colors.

  • What's included: Pillow cover & feather/down insert
  • Composition: 60% Linen 40% Cotton with embroidery
  • Back: Smooth linen blend
  • Construction: Lightly padded
  • Dimensions: 24"x24"
  • Color: Hearth
  • Care: Dry clean only


Our designs rely on elegance that is easy and pleasurable to live with, achieved through a marriage of form and function. It is luxury created for and enjoyed by the senses. 


Dowry Throw $975.00


Dowry Fabric $275.00


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