Ann Gish Unveils “Dowry” In Collaboration With The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art transports visitors through time, place, and culture through the lens of art and artifact. Ann Gish is known for their luxurious bedding with exquisite detailing and construction, along with innovative fabrics and designs. Founded in 1991 by Ann Gish, and now lead by her daughter Jane Gish, the company continues its tradition of modern, contemporary, and comfortable bedding design inspired by art and culture through this exciting partnership with the Met.

The Met x Ann Gish collaboration distills vibrant pieces from The Met’s vast collection into luxury coverlets, duvets, pillows, sheeting, and throws for the home. Live with works of art that have captured the human imagination for centuries. The four initial luxury bedding ensembles are inspired by the exceptional designs of an embossed Babylonian paver, a painted Egyptian tile turned into an embroidered pillow, a 19th century American appliqued botanical quilt that inspired a luxury duvet set and throw, and a Meiji-period kimono and basket that generated a taupe, black, and amber embroidery. Accessory pieces range from a playful pillow derived from an Egyptian tomb painting to the radiant embroidered duvet, pillow, and throw inspired by a couture ball gown.

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