Designer Inspiration - Kira Krümm of Koastal Design Group

Every month we’ll be chatting with one of our favorite designers to learn more about their passion and purpose for design, their favorite products, and what they would be doing if they were not pulling paint chips and doing space planning. This month we have Kira Krümm of Koastal Design Group in Naples, Florida.
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If you weren’t an interior designer, what would you be doing? Why?
Its interesting to look back on our life’s choices. I wanted to major in Fashion Design because of my interest in fashion and textiles or Fine Art because I excelled as an artist but my father – an Artist/Architect and my Mother -an Artist/Art Teacher convinced me that Interior Design was a more stable and suitable career. I respected their life experiences and listened. Looking back , I believe I had the dedication and determination to excel at anything I put my mind to.

Is there anything you love to do for your clients?
I love designing bedrooms because I love pillows and bedding and consider the bedroom a sacred space.

Anything you hate to do?
I prefer to design a “blank canvas” verses just decorating an existing space.

What are your personal luxuries?
I have a weakness for clothing/fashion, and I love collecting art … I prefer quality over quantity.

Do you have a favorite Ann Gish design? What makes it stand out?
At the moment I am loving Anguilla, Horizon and Birch for a subtle sophisticated coastal touch. I also enjoy Ann Gish’s timeless textures and a neutral palette that allow me to mix in unique patterns and accents.


 Charmeuse Channel paired with Imprint Duvet Set in Bronze

What is the biggest compliment a customer has given you?
When a client says that the interiors, I created for them have changed their life!

Best place you’ve travelled to and somewhere you’d like to go in the coming years.
The most interesting place I have traveled that has impacted me is Bali but this was 22 years ago. I would love to return!  I was deeply inspired by the beauty and creativity which was reflected by the culture.  The people are very talented and kind.

What role does Ann Gish have in your interior designs?
Ann Gish bedding is the sand in my sandbox- it gives me the tools to “play” and explore my creativity !

What makes you so good at this? If you asked this question of other people, do you think they would have the same answer about you as you have about yourself?
I believe it is a combination of my care, dedication, and ability to compose,visualize and balance.

What are three things you need to use every day in your business?
Talent, Integrity, and Professionalism

How would you describe your personal style? Is it different from your professional style?
They are the same , I am authentic in that my design philosophy has influenced my personal taste . I am my brand.  

What would your customers say that would make you think of Ann Gish?
Varity, quality, comfort and timeless beauty .

 Anguilla collection in Aquamarine

What color palettes and trends do you see coming in the next few years?
I am honest in saying that I do not follow trends or believe that we should be influenced by them.  I think that color preference is subjective, and a personal preference based on personality,  our cultural influences and life experiences. 

What’s your favorite thing in your house?
The photos of my children from birth until now bring me much happiness each day😊. In general , I enjoy finishes and textiles because I appreciate the beauty nature offers in organic materials such as fabrics, wood and stone surfaces. I love aesthetic beauty and I am fortunate to be surrounded by elements that I selected and curated to create harmony in my home.

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