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Diamond Dust Pillow


Like precious stones, Diamond Dust catches the light.

What's included: Pillow cover & feather/down insert
Composition: 100% Linen w/ embroidery
Construction: Knife edge
Back: Reverdes to smooth linen
Dimensions: 22"x10", 20"x20", 24"x24" or 36"x30"
Color: Pearl
Care: Dry clean only
Closure type: Zipper

Our designs rely on elegance that is easy and pleasurable to live with, achieved through a marriage of form and function. It is luxury created for and enjoyed by the senses. 


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Diamond Dust Throw


Oh so elegant. Diamond Dust is pure glam and reminds us of the precious stone it was named after! The embroidery catches the light and shimmers. Throw reverses to linen.

  • 100% Linen w/ embroidery
  • Dry clean only


Request a Swatch

Swatch requests are mailed USPS first class mail by the next business day. If you need your swatches more quickly, please call us to upgrade your shipping speed.

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