Designer Inspiration - Laura Sullivan of ID.ology Interiors & Atelier Maison

Every month we’ll be chatting with one of our favorite designers to learn more about their passion and purpose for design, their favorite products, and what they would be doing if they were not pulling paint chips and doing space planning. This month we have Laura Sullivan of ID.ology Interiors & Atelier Maison in Asheville, North Carolina.
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If you didn’t own your store, what would you be doing? Why?
Well…. I can’t imagine not owning it - but if I didn’t I would be on my farm tending to it and our animals, painting and spending time with family.

Is there anything you love to do for your clients? Anything you hate to do? 
Hmmm. There’s nothing I hate to do. I really love space planning, and the furnishings portion of the work. It all ties together with the construction so design as a whole has to be comprehensive and fully thought out for it to be good design overall, but the furnishings are the more fun part for me. 

What are your personal luxuries?
Personal luxuries for me would be time…. Time is a luxury - but more on the tangible side of things it would have to be furnishings for myself! 

Do you have a favorite Ann Gish design? What makes it stand out?
I really love the Avalon design which touches my heartstrings through its ode to nature and the forest and the colors of such.

What is the biggest compliment a customer has given you?
I believe the biggest compliment a customer has given me is that I not only helped their dream come true, but my designs surpassed what they dreamed. 

Best place you’ve travelled to and somewhere you’d like to go in the coming years.  
The best place I
ve ever traveled to is Israel. Words just cannot do it justice. I look forward to the day of possibly being able to go back, but other than that I would love to try to make it to Switzerland or Banff one day. 

What role does Ann Gish have in your design? 
Ann Gish bedding is really the icing on the cake. A bedroom isnt finished until the right layers and pieces are added to the top of bed. Ann Gish designs add a richness, fine luxury element, that other lines just don’t do as well.

What makes you so good at this? If you asked this question of other people, do you think they would have the same answer about you as you have about yourself?  
One of my God given talents is problem solving, as well as just the natural ability to visualize how it all comes together cohesively. I see each Client
s needs or desires as a puzzle to work out, but I’m not restricted to the confines of specific parameters when it comes to solving the “problem”. 

What are three things you need to use every day in your business?  
My computer is really the main tool I use everyday. Swatches and samples are integral to pulling together a design with the right color schemes and combinations.

How would you describe your personal style? Is it different from your professional style?
I really love all design styles. As a designer who focuses on the Client’s taste and working through all various types of design styles it’s hard to pick a favorite although I do always like to create spaces that have an element of being relaxed, inviting and welcoming while still having an elegant, luxurious feel. My personal home is currently under renovation, which is a 1924 farm house that we are restoring. We are keeping the style true to the era of the home; Elegant classic farm. 

What would your customers say that would make you think of Ann Gish?
When a client asks for a luxurious feel with depth and detail - this could be with any style home as there are so many style options within Ann Gish.

What color palettes and trends do you see coming in the next few years?
Warmer tones for sure. Over the past few years we have lived in a society of electronic stimulation, busyness, harshness, anxiousness, and so on where everyone will be yearning for a comforting, warm, cozy, nurturing environment. Soft textures, warm colors, curves...

What’s your favorite thing in your house?
Other than the beauty of Ann Gish designs, of course, my favorite item in my home is an original painting by my favorite artist, Ignat Ignatov. Other than that I treasure items that have some sentimental value or a beautiful story, for instance Taracea pieces are made from trees that have fallen naturally and are brought back to life, resurrected if you will, to take on a new life in a different form and done so using healthy materials and finishes. We have a gathering table from Taracea that just emanates that natural beauty revived.

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